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Welcome to the School of Agriculture

Capacity Building is our Mission

The School of Agriculture is one of the premier schools at University of Embu and is celebrated for being among the uppermost in delivering academic programmes anchored in Agricultural teaching, research and extension services. The School offers a variety of competitive agriculture-based courses specifically developed to satisfy the growing market demand. Our courses include 7 short courses, 8 certificate, 8 diplomas, 13 bachelors, 10 masters and 8 doctorate programmes. More new market-oriented programmes have been developed and are awaiting approval by the Senate. The School has three teaching departments that include; Agricultural Resource Management, Land and Water Management and Agricultural Economics and Extension.

The Departments have come a long way since inception in designing, growing and strengthening their programmes. The School is involved in a number of research and extension services through collaborations with various governmental and non-governmental research institutions as well as farmer organizations to test and deliver groundbreaking technologies and affordable solutions to the farming communities amidst various challenges experienced in modern farming. Community engagement also provides the University with a unique opportunity of making positive contribution to the local community through public lectures, extension programmes, innovation, promoting sustainable development, environmental conservation and health. These engagements offer a powerful tool for marketing our programmes and providing a forum for growth and expansion. The collaborations have seen a number of MoUs signed between the partners and the University. This has enabled the School to achieve invaluable benefits such as securing of research grants by our lecturers, awarding of M.Sc. and PhD scholarships and securing greater networks for undergraduate student industrial attachments. To foster capacity building of the community, the School organizes a number of workshops and trainings to disseminate research findings and demonstrate new farming technologies. Further, our members of staff are taken through various training to empower them on delivery of our various outcome-based curricula. The School has managed to conduct 3 farmers’ trainings and has entered into an MoU with the following: Upper Tana, California Coffee Importers, P4CAD, Tree Biotechnology Programme Trust and Beanstitute. We have also developed, and continue to develop, new market-oriented programmes. CHANGE OF GUARD The School experienced a change of guard when the outgoing Dean, Prof. Fredrick Njoka handed over to the incoming Dean, Dr. Samuel Ndirangu in August, 2019. The School of Agriculture wishes Dr. Ndirangu all the best in his new capacity and the outgoing Dean as he heads the Students’ Affairs section.

The School of Agriculture Contributes to National Food Security

The School is robust in training graduates in sustainable agriculture, food security and environmental management through a combination of insights from various disciplines such as tissue culture, plant pathology, plant breeding, animal nutrition, soil science, environmental management and value-addition of agricultural products, among others. It is actively involved in community empowerment through partnerships with local farmers’ groups and offers solutions to problems affecting humanity in the agricultural sector.

The School has developed new postgraduate programmes in Agricultural Extension through the involvement of stakeholders. Development of new curricula in Agricultural programmes is in line with Governments’ efforts to meet its Big Four Agenda, particularly Food Security.

The School has continued to expand and enrich its academic networks by signing Memoranda of Understanding with key partners, holding of farmers’ exhibitions, winning competitive research grants as well as stakeholders engagement.


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