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Banana Farming
The school has planted bananas in the school farm
Chicken Farming
The school has invested a lot to ensure students acquire as much skills as possible
Hands on Experience
Students preparing their farms.
Green houses farming
We have greenhouses which we use for learning facilities and for our subsistence
Farm Machinery
The school is well equiped.

  • Message from Dr. Samuel N. Ndirangu

    The School of Agriculture is one of the pioneer Schools of the University of Embu. It is a vibrant School with committed scholars that contribute to world-class research at the intersection of agriculture and food security. The School’s research expertise is multifaceted. The common core is to comprehend and explain institutional dynamics beyond modern agricultural practices at the national level, comparatively and at the international level, combining insights from various disciplines, such as agronomy, animal sciences and management of agricultural resources.
    The mission of the School is to provide high-quality education, research and knowledge dissemination based on modern agricultural and environmental technology. The School aims at producing highly trained graduates in various disciplines to meet the growing challenges of our dynamic world in the areas of agricultural practices as well as offering solutions to problems affecting humanity in the agricultural sector. This is made possible by the well-trained staff members in the two Departments of the School; Water & Agricultural Resources Management and Agricultural Economics and Extension.
    The School offers Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Diploma, Certificate and Short courses. The main courses are in the areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Range Management, Water Resources Management, Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Economics and Extension as well as Management of Agroecosystems and Environment. The School of Agriculture recognizes the fact that farming and natural resource utilization are based on science and technology that rely heavily on proper management of environmental resources. Courses that are relevant to the changing environmental needs have been incorporated in various new programmes as follows; BSc. in Animal Production, BSc. in Agricultural Biotechnology, BSc. in Agricultural Economics and BSc. in Environmental Science.  Currently the School offers over 40 programmes offered in the following categories; BSc. (11), MSc. (11), PhD (11), Diploma (1), Proficiency courses (3) and Short courses (4).

    Dr. Samuel Njiri Ndirangu, Dean School of Agriculture

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  • Latest Publications from the School

    • Migose, S.A., van der Linden, A., Bebe, B.O., de Boer, I.J.M., Oosting, S.J., 2020. Accuracy of estimates of milk production per lactation from limited test-day and recall data collected at smallholder dairy farms. Livestock Science 232, 103911. P.W., Mgonja
    • M. and Rubaihayo, P. 2019. Gene action conditioning resistance traits to spotted stem borer, Chilo partellus, in grain sorghum. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science., S.A., Bebe, B.O., de Boer, I.J.M., Oosting, S.J., 2018. Influence of distance to urban markets on smallholder dairy farming systems in Kenya. Tropical Animal Health and Production 50, 1417- 1426.Nderitu, W. P., J.J.
    • Muturi, Otieno, M., Arunga, E.E., Johnsson, M. (2018). Tomato Leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) (Meyrick 1917) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) prevalence and farmer management practices in Kirinyanga County, Kenya. Journal of Entomology and Nematology, Vol. 10(6),pp.43-49.
    • Muturi P.W., Mgonja M. and Rubaihayo, P. 2019. Gene action conditioning resistance traits to spotted stem borer, Chilo partellus, in grain sorghum. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science.


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